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Offer 332697

WOHLENBERG City E 6000 Edition

Age: 2011
Available: 10/2019
Location: Europe
Condition: good
Condition of cylinders: damage_free
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

Binding lenght max./min.: up to 6.000 copies/h.
Binding thickness: 2 mm to 50 mm
Max. book size: 370 X 320 mm
Min. book size: 75x105 mm
HS Code: 84439959 HS Codes Classification of Other
Nos. of stations: 8
Nos. of clamps: 15
Gatherer: Sprinter E

Fully overhauled in 12/2018 <> Sprinter E gatherer <> 8 feeder stations with vacuum compressors and cascade stop-start function <> Transfer sections with vibrator <> 15 clamps and Navigator with Bindcom-System assisted make-ready <> Inclined infeed with vibrator <> Swing-away PLC control panel with diagnostic text display <> Complete spine praparation-main milling, equalizing, notching and special roughening station <> Dust bag extraction system <> Hot-melt spine gluing tank on mobile base with integral pre-melter <> Hot-melt side gluing tank on mobile base with integral pre-melter <> 1x PUR glue applicator pre-heating unit with vapor extractor milling unit with chip suction and filtering unit 40m conveyors belt <> Rotary pile cover feeder with facility for pre-folded covers <> Cover pressing and spine nipping units <> Lay-down delivery init <> Flat belt conveyor system <> Wohlenberg TRIM-TEC 60i – automatic three knife trimmer (with Navigator interface) <> Wohlenberg book stacker

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