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Offer 339886

POLAR 137 XT Autotrim

Age: 2007
Available: immediately
Location: Europe
Condition: Very good
Still in production: No
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

Max. cut width: 1370 mm
HS Code: 84439959 HS Codes Classification of Other
Spare knife: 1

Polar LW 1000-4 poallet lift from 2000 <> Polar RAH-4 Jogger with air removal rollers from 2008 <> Polar STR-1000-4 Piling board shelf <> Polar Greifer G gripper loading system from 2008 <> Polar TR 130ER-4 Transomat from 2010 <> Paper waste system <> Airtable <> Side tables <> Programm <> Photocells

Price: upon request


Offer based on our general sales conditions, without obligation and subject to prior sales.