No Brand Model Size Location Age Price Tools
318906POLARRA 4Europe1997upon requestshow
Automatic Jogger with Air-Removing Roller
318519POLARRA 4New Zealand2000upon requestshow
with Air Bed + Air Expulsion Roller
318342POLARRA 2France2010EUR 8.250 FCAshow
Jogger with Air removal rollers <> Air table <> Automatic air removal <> dismantled <> in stock
317664POLARRA 4Europe1998upon requestshow
317454POLARRA 4Europe1999upon requestshow
315868POLARRA 4France2000EUR 8.250 FCAshow
315596BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe2004upon requestshow
the table of the automatic jogger is designed with a stainless stell air-table. <> Side-flap with pneumatic tilt on the left-hand side <> Tiltable both to the left and to the right <> Variable jogging intensity <> The speed of the air-expulsion roller can be varied to suit different materials. <> One or two air-expulsion cycles. <> The jogging-table is prepared for gripper-unloading <> Pneumatically retractable sheet-divider for smaller sheets <> Safety light-barrier (required for gripper-unloading) <> Advantages: <> Highly accurately aligned reams <> Increased productivity
315595BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe1984upon requestshow
with air-expulsion device <> with pneumatically tiltable side-gauge <> with additional fixed side-gauge
313148POLARRAB 2Europe1979make offershow
Mod. 2B
313011BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe1986EUR 3.301 FCAshow
with air and pressure unit
312497POLARRB 5Europe1990EUR 1.375 EXWshow
311682POLARRAB 7Europe1995upon requestshow
Mod. RAB 7S VA <> Blowing jogger with air removal roller.
310989KNORRRL-3 VA Europe1995upon requestshow
Mod. RL-3 <> Flap left&right
307639POLARRAB 7Europe2000EUR 3.081 EXWshow
With Roller Press for air removal Left/Right position selectable
307465POLARRB 2Europe1997upon requestshow
306453POLARRAB 5Europe1989upon requestshow
with press-rollers
300429POLARRAB 5Europe1989make offershow
Standard machine
299289POLARRB 5Europe1992upon requestshow
295938SCHNEIDERSR 107Europe1989upon requestshow
285343BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe1986EUR 2.475 FCAshow
Inclusive pumps
276224PERFECTABSB 5L900x1300 mmEurope1998EUR 38.500 EXWshow
Fully automatic Jogger Line <> Automatic loader and unloader Mod. BA5Z-S / BB5L-S
265275POLARRB 5Europe1985EUR 2.000 FCAshow
259763POLARRAB 5Europe1990upon requestshow
258460POLARRAB 5Germany1990EUR 2.500 FCAshow
238539POLARRAB 7Europe1988upon requestshow