No Brand Model Size Location Age Price Tools
307465POLARRB 2Europe1997upon requestshow
315595BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe1984upon requestshow
with air-expulsion device <> with pneumatically tiltable side-gauge <> with additional fixed side-gauge
313011BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe1986EUR 3.301 FCAshow
with air and pressure unit
285343BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe1986EUR 2.475 FCAshow
Inclusive pumps
317664POLARRA 4Europe1998upon requestshow
317454POLARRA 4Europe1999upon requestshow
295938SCHNEIDERSR 107Europe1989upon requestshow
315596BAUMANNBSB 6L Europe2004upon requestshow
the table of the automatic jogger is designed with a stainless stell air-table. <> Side-flap with pneumatic tilt on the left-hand side <> Tiltable both to the left and to the right <> Variable jogging intensity <> The speed of the air-expulsion roller can be varied to suit different materials. <> One or two air-expulsion cycles. <> The jogging-table is prepared for gripper-unloading <> Pneumatically retractable sheet-divider for smaller sheets <> Safety light-barrier (required for gripper-unloading) <> Advantages: <> Highly accurately aligned reams <> Increased productivity
306453POLARRAB 5Europe1989upon requestshow
with press-rollers
300429POLARRAB 5Europe1989make offershow
Standard machine
259763POLARRAB 5Europe1990upon requestshow
311682POLARRAB 7Europe1995upon requestshow
Mod. RAB 7S VA <> Blowing jogger with air removal roller.
307639POLARRAB 7Europe2000EUR 3.081 EXWshow
With Roller Press for air removal Left/Right position selectable
238539POLARRAB 7Europe1988upon requestshow
312497POLARRB 5Europe1990EUR 1.375 EXWshow
265275POLARRB 5Europe1985EUR 2.000 FCAshow
299289POLARRB 5Europe1992upon requestshow
313148POLARRAB 2Europe1979make offershow
Mod. 2B
276224PERFECTABSB 5L900x1300 mmEurope1998EUR 38.500 EXWshow
Fully automatic Jogger Line <> Automatic loader and unloader Mod. BA5Z-S / BB5L-S
310989KNORRRL-3 VA Europe1995upon requestshow
Mod. RL-3 <> Flap left&right
315868POLARRA 4France2000EUR 8.250 FCAshow
258460POLARRAB 5Germany1990EUR 2.500 FCAshow