No Brand Model Size Location Age Price Tools
315554BAUMANNBSB 3-LEurope2002upon requestshow
pneumatic side flap left <> and manual tilt side flap right <> compressor required
313815BAUMANNBSB 3-LEurope1995upon requestshow
. Air table and left hand side flap <> . Air removing roller
310657BAUMANNBSB 3-LEurope1990upon requestshow
with air remover roller
307168BAUMANNBSB 3Europe2006upon requestshow
303485BAUMANNBSB 3-LEurope1989upon requestshow
jogger with air removal bar
298841BAUMANNBSB 2 LEurope2002upon requestshow
290354BAUMANNBSB 3-LEurope1986upon requestshow
Vibrating table with air roller and maximum format of 80 x114 cm