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Offer 333489


Age: 1991
Location: Europe
Condition: Very good
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

Max. paper size: 360x520 mm
Smallest size: 105x180 mm
Image area: 340x505 mm
Speed: 8.000 sh/h
Power consumption: 80 kw
Length: 4690 mm
Width: 1470 mm
Height: 1550 mm
Weight approx.: 5760 kg
Colors: 5
Counter approx.: 54 mio.

Alcolor automatic Film Dampening <> CPC1-02 Ink and register remote control <> Quick action plate clamps <> CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console <> Baldwin <> Double-sheet control <> Straight machine <> GRAFIX EXACTOMAT powder sprayer

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