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Offer 334889


Age: 2007
Location: Europe
Condition: Good
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

Max. book size: 430x320 mm
Min. book size: 140x100 mm
Binding lenght max./min.: 1.000 - 5.000 products/h.
Binding thickness: min. 3 mm, max. 60 mm
HS Code: 84439959 HS Codes Classification of Other
Nos. of stations: 16
Gatherer: 1571

ASAC <> Spiral race element, type 3641 <> Pre-Piling tables for feeding from left to right with puisher mechanism for standing pils <> Separating element to Acoro A5 with <> hand-feeding station and jogging unit. <> Modular system <> Atomatic Make-Ready with Commander <> Shaftless drive technology <> Milling station with fold pressing <> 2 combi back processing stations <> Universal spine glue station base <> 2-roll hotmelt backing glue <> 2-slice hotmelt side gluing unit <> Precise mull and lining station (GAUZING) <> 4-way scoring unit <> Universal drum cover feeder <> Div. Motorized adjustable axle <> Trimmer MERIT, type 3671 <> Touch Screen, SPS controlled <> Motoric format adjustment <> Silicone sprayer <> Stacker CB 12 <> Hand feeding station <> Criss-Cross Delivery <> Milling station <> Roughening station

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