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Offer 335489


Age: 2007
Location: Europe
Condition: Normal
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

Max. size untrimmed (man.fed): 365x305 mm
Max. size untrimmed (auto fed): 365x305 mm
Max. size trimmed with Lap: 365x300 mm
Min.size trimmed (standard): 100x145 mm
Product thickness max.: 10 mm
Mech. speed: up to 9.000 copies/h.
Power supply: 220V 3PH, 50 HZ, 98A
HS Code: 84439959 HS Codes Classification of Other
Nos. feeder: 6
Type of feeder: 1551
Nos. of stitching heads: 2
Stations: 3

6 Feeder <> 1 cover feeder <> Stitching unit <> Trim-Tec trimmer

Price: upon request


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