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Offer 338549


Age: 2007
Available: Immediately
Location: Europe
Condition: Good
Condition of cylinders: Damage free
Still in production: Yes
Test possible: Yes
Complete and in working condition: Yes

Technical details

Max. paper size: 520x740 mm
Smallest size: 210x297 mm
Image area: 510x730 mm
Speed: 15.000 sh/h
Width: 2500 mm
Stock thickness: up to 1.2 mm
Colors: 5
HS Code: 84431300 - HS Codes Classification of Other offset printing machinery
Perfecting between unit: straight
Counter approx.: 78 mio

Model Rapida 74-5+L CX ALV2 Hybrid <> Cardboard device <> second circuit varnish for coating tower/inks UV <> 2 interkeck UV with the possibility to be installed on unit 1-2-3-4-5 <> plastic printing package <> VARIDAMP alcohol dampening <> Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) <> PWHA Semi automatic plate change <> Extended Delivery <> Vacuum feed-board <> anilox coater <> Anilox rollers <> IR Infra red dryer <> UV-Dryer <> Preset - automatic size device <> All washing devices <> Weko Powder Spray <> BALDWIN refrigeration + recirculation

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