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उम्र: 1997
स्थान: Europe
शर्त: Good
फिर भी उत्पादन में: हाँ
संभावित टेस्ट: हाँ
पूर्ण और कार्यरत स्थिति में: हाँ

तकनीकी जानकारी

Max. paper size: 370x520 mm
Smallest size: 105x145 mm
Image area: 360x520 mm
Speed: 15.000 sheets/h.
Power consumption: 25 kw
Length: 5.520 m
Width: 1.850 m
Height: 1620 mm
Weight approx.: 9250 kg
Stock thickness: 0.03 - 0.4 mm
Colors: 2
HS Code: 84431300 - HS Codes Classification of Other offset printing machinery
transport by truck: 1/2 truck
transport by sea: 20 ft container
Perfecting between unit: 1+1;2+0
Impression counter: 55 mio.

Alcolor automatic Film Dampening <> CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console <> Refrigeration <> Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) <> Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device

मूल्य: upon request


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