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KOMORI Lithrone LS 529+C

Anno: 2013
La macchina si trova in: Europe
Condizione: good
Condizioni dei cilindri: damage_free
Ancora in produzione: sì
Prova possibile: sì
Completa e funzionante: sì

Dettagli tecnici

Max. paper size: 530x750 mm
Image area: 520x740 mm (20x29″)
Plate size: 605x760 mm
Speed: 16.000 sh/h
Power consumption: 50 kw (67.05 hp)
Length: 8240 mm
Width: 3130 mm
Height: 1770 mm
Weight approx.: 18400 kg
Stock thickness: 0.04-0.8 mm
Colors: 5+LX
HS Code: 84431300 - HS Codes Classification of Other offset printing machinery
Counter approx.: 110 mio.

Baldwin HUV System plus Additional 4xH-UV Lamps, <> Ink LInes x 5 <> KOMORIMATIC dampening system <> PQC Print Quality Control <> KMS-IV management system <> AMR preset device for sheet size + thickness <> PDCS print density control spectrophotometer <> TECHNOTRANS <> ITC Ink temperature control <> FAPC automatic plate change <> Plate cylinder cooking <> Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device <> Coater <> Chambered doctor blades <> Anilox rollers <> Steelplate in feeder and delivery

Prezzo: upon request


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