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Offer 335658


나이: 2005
유효한: now
위치: Europe
조건: good
아직 생산 중 : 예
시험 가능 : 예
완료 및 근무 조건 : 예

기술적 세부 사항

Max. size untrimmed (man.fed): 355x311 mm
Max. size untrimmed (auto fed): 126x92 mm
Max. size trimmed with Lap: 349x305 mm
Min.size trimmed (standard): 120x89 mm
Pages per feeder: 96
Product thickness max.: 10 mm
Mech. speed: 9.000 cyc./h.
HS Code: 84439959 HS Codes Classification of Other
Nos. feeder: 6+1 cover feeder
Type of feeder: DVA+UFA
Nos. of stitching heads: 2+2

가격: upon request


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