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KBA-RAPIDA Rapida 105-6 + L CX

年龄: 2004
位置: Europe
条件: Good
仍在制作中: 是
可能的测试: 是
完成并处于工作状态: 是


Max. paper size: 740x1050 mm
Smallest size: 360x520 mm
Image area: 710x1020 mm
Plate size: 795x1050 mm
Width: 3870 mm
Height: 2160 mm
Stock thickness: up to 1.2 mm
Colors: 6
HS Code: 84431300 - HS Codes Classification of Other offset printing machinery
Counter approx.: 170 mio.

Mod. Rapida 105U-6+L CX ALV3 PWHA Hybrid <> ALV3 Extended Delivery 3900mm <> Kersten Antistatic feeder <> Becker air Cabinet <> Eltosch Infra Red/ Hot air/ UV end dryer <> Eltosch UV dryer Interdeck after units 2 and 6 <> 1 Exchange position for UV Interdeck in unit 1 <> VARIDAMP alcohol dampening <> Colortronic (Register, Dampening and Ink Remote System Control) <> Harris & Bruno varnishing tower, <> Doctor blades <> Coater <> PWHA Semi automatic plate change <> BACHER Register System <> ITC Ink temperature control <> TECHNOTRANS combi refrigeration and ink temp control <> BALDWIN washing device <> Automatic blanket, roller and impression-cylinder washing device <> Weko Powder Spray <> ACS ink remote control <> Non-stop delivery <> ELTOSCH Infra red dryer <> ACR Control Video register

价钱: upon request