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HEIDELBERG SM 102-4P (2000+)

年龄: 2002
位置: Ukraine
条件: Good
仍在制作中: 是
可能的测试: 是
完成并处于工作状态: 是


Max. paper size: 720x1020 mm
Smallest size: 400x420 mm
Image area: 700x1020 mm
Speed: 15.000 sh/h
Length: 8880 mm
Width: 3310 mm
Height: 2170 mm
Weight approx.: 28580 kg
Colors: 4
HS Code: 84431300 - HS Codes Classification of Other offset printing machinery
transport by truck: 2 full truck
transport by sea: 2x 40 ft. container
Perfecting between unit: 2+2;4+0
Counter approx.: 97 mio.

CP-Tronic self diagnostic, control and monitore console <> Autoplate (semi-automatic plate loader) <> All washing devices <> Powder sprayer

价钱: upon request