Machine Number Checker (MNC)

To determine the year of construction, enter the manufacturer, the model and the machine number.
Then click on "Search" to get the year of production

Despite the utmost care, deviations can not be excluded and all information is provided to the exclusion of any responsibility.

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What you should know:

Although the leading manufacturers of printing presses have been displaying the year of production on the machineplate for some time now, it is not always certain that this is correct.
In our many years of activity, we have found that criminal people try again and again to change the engraved years numbers of the machine, to achieve a higher sales price. Especially by older machines without console.
With our MNC you have the possibility to determine the actual age of the machine, provided that the given machine number is correct.
However, to make sure that it is the right machine, an insight into the history of the machine is indispensable.
If in doubt, we are happy to help you for further information.